Who we are ?

We are professional and creative educators, educationists, scientists & mathematicians, who strongly believe in providing an environment where education works as an effective tool for total development of children & grown-ups.

Our programs are developed with the technical support of an International hub - Creative Thinkers Foundation.

Our Mission

Our children's future and the development of the country depends on the creative minds evolved through education they receive in school. We all have creative potential and our mission as creativity coaches is to help kids develop their inherent talent. We aim at contributing to the development and creativity of the Nation, promoting Region’s competitiveness and ensuring world exposure of the best educational initiatives.

What we offer

Our KHDA approved and internationally recognised educational programs develop creativity of students from kindergarten through college and adults and are benefiting 10,000+ kids and teachers for past 8 years in India. We provide workshops, labs and club activities for harnessing Creativity along with the international exposure via participation at international competitions for selected teams in tournaments such as Odyssey of the Mind and others.

Our programs help students in

  • Preparing for careers in STEAM and become creative problem solvers.
  • Making problem solving a fun by nurturing creativity & out-of-the-box thinking skills.
  • Developing interpersonal skills, leadership, team spirit, communication and presentation skills, logical as well as critical thinking and lateral thinking.
  • Our student learns to become a future leader and exceptional citizen of tomorrow.

How we are different ?

  • Modules to address different syllabus topics
  • Creativity Assessment Tool to know the change
  • Exposure to international competitions

Our Methodology

The thinking skills (logical, divergent and lateral thinking) are nurtured through problem solving method.
We use the SCAMPER technique as an effective tool in developing creativity and innovation.